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Японският начин за варене на яйца
Любопитно - Любопитно

"Онсен" е японското название за горещ минерален извор. Оригинален и полезен начин за приготвяне      нa яйцата е варенето им директно в минералните извори. Тъй като температурата на водата е по-ниска отколкото ако се варят по традиционният начин (70-75 градуса по Целзий)- белтъците са  меки, а яйчните жълтъци са леко по твърди, въпреки че на външен вид изглеждат рохки. Яйца  приготвени онсен често се сервират като закуска в японски стил,  лук и в сос "даши" - традиционен  японски бульон .

Violina: This person has tried:
1. Wrap a few eggs (out of the fridge) in two layers of rather thick kitchen paper, sprinkle some warm water (from your kitchen heated tap water... meaning not too hot) to bring the eggs to room temperature.
2. Boil some water in a saucepan, when it comes to boil, turn off heat, and place 1 in the water and put the lid on.
3. Let it sit for 15 minutes then it's ready.
4. This 15 minutes is for winter, and for people who prefer to have the egg yolk half-cooked too.
5. Try a few minutes shorter in summer).
(6. is some suggestion for a sauce.)
The key seems to be to keep the eggs in 65 degrees C water for 20 - 30 minutes. Because the moisture in the kitchen paper lowers the hot water temperature, the heat from the pot does not directly reach the eggs, so it works.
...I haven't tried it though, but it looks good :)
I was shown how to make onsen tamago by the Chef of the "Jukkokuso" Spa at Shiobara Onsen north of Tokyo. A wonderful, quiet spa with great food. I have made this recipe several times in the U.S. with no problem.
Temperature control is the key - you must use a thermometer.
Set eggs out to room temperature for half hour or so.
Heat water to 62 degrees centigrade, add eggs.
Over the next 25 minutes or so, raise the temperature to 72 degrees centigrade. Do not go over 72 degrees.
After 25 minutes, remove eggs, put in cool water for about a minute, then take out and set on counter.
Crack eggs open into individual dishes, add about 2-3 tablespoons of dashi (I use bottled liquid dashi called shiro dashi - Shichifuku brand - thinned down with a bit of water) and serve. Optional garnish ・chopped green on

boiling eggs in onsen


Снимка, как се приготвят яйца в "Синия онсен" Umi Jigoku'(Sea Hell)), в Беппу, Япония.

Освен да вдишват минералните пари от онсените и да се насладят на изключително красивите гледки посетителите могат да закупят и прясно сварени яйца в минералният извор, на сравнително достъпни цени.



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